Who we represent?

Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd. represents client-owned businesses with sales of $250,000 or higher or businesses with an anticipated selling price of $200,000 or more.

Getting started

When you call us at 585-261-9000 or email us at excelbusinessbrokersusa@gmail.com, one of our brokers will work to evaluate your business. We will discuss how best to position your business in today’s market.

Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd. is committed to:

Arriving at a reasonable selling price for your business
Marketing your business (on a case-by-case basis) on multiple confidential websites
Confidential, targeted marketing to competitors or complementary local and regional businesses
Working with a network of colleagues
Suggesting both traditional and innovative financing solutions
Assisting from onset of sale to closing

Where our clients are located

Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd. serves clients throughout the United States concentrating on Central and Western New York and the southeastern US.

Types of businesses we sell

We specialize in motels, hotels, CPA firms, income tax services, landscaping services, florists and restaurants. We will consider representing any business that meets the financial criteria listed above.

Real Estate Sales

If your business consists of real estate in addition to your primary business, we are affiliated with a licensed real estate firm in New York State.