Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd.

represents first-time, established and motivated buyers who understand the advantages of business ownership. We are expert at matching your skill set and resources to the right business.

Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd. will:

Scour the marketplace for a compatible business
Explain the buying process from onset to closing
Justify pricing, including addbacks, proper multiples and SDE
Help buyers connect to a wide array of lending institutions, matching a buyer’s financial needs to an institution that can provide necessary capital
Support both buyer and seller as they navigate pre-close formalities
Attend closing, if requested

Where our buyers are located

Excel Business Brokers, USA, Ltd. buyers hail from every state across the United States and, at times, outside of the US. Confidential website listings draw buyers like you from every corner of the country.

Our buyers

Many of our buyers return to us after purchasing a business to buy another or multiple businesses. Return clients are a testament to the outstanding customer service we provide.